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ARTIC Administrations Top 150,000 Globally

January 24, 2022 / by Steve Brown, PsyD

In 2015 the Traumatic Stress Institute (TSI), in partnership with Dr. Courtney Baker of Tulane University, noticed a research-to-practice gap in the trauma-informed care (TIC) field. In short, TIC interventions of all sorts were trending, while at the same time there was limited empirical evidence to quantify the impact of TIC. This is what inspired the development of the ARTIC (Attitudes Related to Trauma-Informed Care) Scale, a measurement tool that assess staff attitudes towards trauma-informed care. Two peer-reviewed studies have found the ARTIC Scale to be psychometrically valid and the California Evidence-Based Clearing House (CEBC) has given the ARTIC anA-Psychometrics Well-Demonstratedrating.

In June of 2019 TSI released an online version of the ARTIC, streamlining survey administration, analysis and reports. By the end of 2021 the Paper/Pencil ARTIC and Online ARTIC had collectively been used for more than 150,000 ARTIC survey administrations in nearly 300 separate studies throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

TIC research using validated measures such as the ARTIC Scale has generated compelling data showing that well-designed and well-implemented trauma-informed training and coaching can lead to positive changes in staff beliefs, attitudes, and self-reported behaviors. These are essential pre-conditions for improved client outcomes. As hoped when it was first created, the ARTIC Scale is now frequently used in the growing number of TIC research studies. The two peer-reviewed ARTIC studies have been cited in over 80 journal articles to-date.

Now school, hospital, behavioral health, human service, and other systems implementing trauma-informed care can use the Online ARTIC for evaluating and monitoring results. The organizational dashboard, with aggregated data and recommendations, supports leaders in making data-driven decisions about TIC implementation. Confidential individual dashboards and resources offer TIC professional development opportunities for each staff member. Onboarding, technical support and excellent customer service make Online ARTIC a seamless and cost-effective solution for closing your system’s research-to-practice gap.

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Steve Brown, PsyD

Written by Steve Brown, PsyD

Steve Brown, Psy.D., is the Director of the Traumatic Stress Institute of Klingberg Family Centers. A clinical psychologist, he is a primary architect of TSI’s internationally-recognized whole-system change process to trauma-informed care. He is a co-creator, with Dr. Courtney Baker, of the Attitudes Related to Trauma-Informed Care (ARTIC) Scale, one of the first psychometric measures of TIC. He trains professionals nationally on psychological trauma and trauma-informed care. In addition to being a psychologist, he is a long time sexuality educator/trainer and author of Streetwise to Sex-Wise: Sexuality Education for High Risk Youth, a sexuality education curricula used internationally by agencies and schools serving high-risk youth.