The Traumatic Stress Institute fosters the transformation of organizations and service systems to trauma-informed care (TIC) through the delivery of whole-system consultation, professional training, coaching, and research.
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Online ARTIC Team

Callie Hardin and Tasha Reece, M.S., comprise the Online ARTIC Support Team, and both share a passion for the positive impact of data-driven decision-making. Callie Hardin originally came to TSI through her work as a research assistant for Dr. Courtney Baker (co-creator of the ARTIC Scale) of Tulane University. Callie leads all aspects of the ARTIC Scale product line and co-developed the Online ARTIC platform. She manages a growing body of multi-year Online ARTIC studies, conducts program evaluations for Client Agencies, and prides herself on offering compassionate guidance around data collection best practices and trauma-informed recommendations so clients can achieve high response rates and get the most out of their reports. Tasha Reece, M.S., assists with many aspects of the ARTIC Scale product line, including assisting client agencies, data collection and management, and supporting her TSI team members. She is a trauma-focused physiologiest and quantitative researcher with a background in molecular biology and biotechnology, as well as being a former teacher. Tasha is committed to improving the lives of women and childrens of color via physiological assessment of stressors in the individual and addressing systematic racism in healthcare institutions.

Recent Posts

New! The Online ARTIC Admin Support Site

June 22, 2023
by Online ARTIC Team posted in Measurement & Research


Data driven decision making is an important part of implementing trauma informed care and achieving desired outcomes. What are the options for organizations that don’t have the capacity to conduct a full program evaluation on their own? The Traumatic Stress Institute (TSI) created the Online ARTIC dashboard and an admin resource hub to address that very issue.

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