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Alisha McLean

Alisha McLean is a Risking Connection Faculty Trainer in Yukon, Canada. She has been delivering Risking Connection curricula since 2015 and continues to see the ongoing positive impacts of a Trauma Informed Care approach across the whole system. In her spare time, Alisha loves exploring the beauty of the vast Yukon wilderness.

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Sustaining Risking Connection Over Time: Rejuvenate with RC Week

December 23, 2020
by Alisha McLean posted in Whole-System Change

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New agencies and staff often experience high energy, validation, a revitalized sense of hope, and an eagerness to implement Risking Connection (RC) once they have completed the 3-Day RC Basic training that is part of TSI’s Whole-System Change Model. So how do you work to keep that spark alive after the training has come and gone, especially in supporting your new agency to achieve a true trauma-informed organizational culture? One way we have achieved this in Yukon is through the celebration of RC Week.

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