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    6 Easy Steps to Onboard the Online ARTIC for your TIC Assessment

    September 9, 2020 / by John Engel, MA

    Committing to trauma-informed care is the difficult part. With the Online ARTIC, measuring trauma-informed care is the easy part. Start today with 6 Easy Steps to Onboard the Online ARTIC.

    1. Learn more about Online ARTIC

    Visit us at to learn more about the Online ARTIC. While there, you can request a Sample Survey and Report, download the TIC Measurement Series and peer-reviewed ARTIC Scale Journal article , use the
    Online ARTIC price calculator, and view our ARTIC FAQ's page.

    1. Contact an ARTIC Consultant today

    Request an ARTIC Consultation Call at this link. During the call, an ARTIC Consultant will answer your questions, learn more about your project to identify which ARTIC solution best fits your needs, and offer a demonstration of the results dashboard via screen share.

    1. Purchase the Online ARTIC

    We understand payment needs vary across organizations. You can make your purchase via credit card, check or wire transfer. We can also support more complex transactions involving payment orders.

    1. Set up your Online ARTIC study

    During a virtual Study Set Up call, an ARTIC Consultant will provide an overview of the Online ARTIC platform, help set up your study, and provide useful tips for effectively administering your study.

    1. Collect data using the Online ARTIC

    An ARTIC Consultant will help upload your study participants, schedule the day and time when your first data collection will launch as well as the day and time when your data collection will close, and answer questions along the way.

    1. Review your detailed reports

    During a virtual Reporting call, an ARTIC Consultant will preview your reports, offer guidance with interpretation of those results, offer tips for sharing and using report results with leadership and staff, and offer advice about the timing of additional data collection.

    Measure what matters, measure trauma-informed care

    Learn more at


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    John Engel, MA

    Written by John Engel, MA

    John Engel is a Program Coordinator for the Traumatic Stress Institute of the Klingberg Family Centers, where he serves as a trainer and consultant for client agencies adopting whole system change to trauma-informed care. John also facilitates strategic change initiatives and product development for TSI, including development and launch of the online ARTIC Scale. Additionally, since October 2011 John has promoted public and private conversations about fatherhood through the Fatherhood Journey, a monthly column appearing in the Daily Hampshire Gazette and at